Manual Stamp Drying Press #1 Success Off Paper Tool

Do you remember when you had to dry stamps? Stamp drying used to include a lot of imagination, patience and a little luck. Using heavy objects -usually a book…or a complete encyclopedia- to ensure that the stamp will remain flat.

Guess what? The old drying book has seen its day!  This fast and easy way to press and dry stamps for same-day use with better results than traditional drying methods.  It has 55 square inches of pressing space.  The blotter and vinyl sheets can be reused many times before needed replacing. It’s time for consistent results!

Top and bottom plates are 3/8″ thick and made of impact-resistant plastic with two (2) pressure knobs. Includes Stamp drying presstwenty (20) blotting sheets and five (5) vinyl sheets (for gum side of stamps) to provide proper drying and flatten stamps.  It has rubber feet on base to protect tabletops.

Many stamps procedures require the stamp to be submerged or moistened. A Stamp Drying Press allows the stamps to be safely dried whilst remaining flat, leaving your stamp ready for filing.
This manual drying press simply clamps the stamps tightly between sheets of absorbent paper, drying the stamp and keeping them flat.
Made of heavy fiberglass reinforced, shockproof plastic.

1, 2, 3…Stamp Drying Press

After soaking stamps off their covers, you can either place them on the blotting pages of books or use a drying press.  Both methods leave your stamps will dry, wrinkle-free, and ready to add to your collection – a drying press will have your stamps ready to mount on the same day.

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