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Stamp collecting supplies for amazing collectors in 2020

Stamp collecting supplies

Welcome to the ultimate stamp collecting supplies list. we want you to find all the philatelic supplies to improve your stamp collection. All you need to do is to click on the item you are interested in and you’ll be redirected to the stamp collecting accessories page with details.

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Stamp Stockbook

Find here the nicest stamp stockbooks at very low prices! Stamp stockbooks can be said to be one of the most used philatelic supplies by stamp collectors. Why? It is the easiest way to storage and display stamp collections. Some stamp stockbooks have archival quality pages to avoid acidity harming your stamps.

Stamp stockbooks are also one of the most efficient, trustworthy, cost effective methods for protecting and storing stamps. 

Lighthouse Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 64 Page, Various Colors
Lighthouse Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 32 Page, Black
LINDNER Stamp Stockbook - 60 White Pages- Glassine Strips
Lighthouse Hardcover Stockbook 64 Page With Slipcase, Blue
Red Wessex Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 32 Page, Red
Lindner Harcover Stamp Stckbook 60 Page, Various Colors
Supersafe Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 32 Page, Green
Prophila Lighthouse Stamp Album Stockbook 60 Black Sides

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Stamp Magnifying Glass

The stamp magnifying glass has been the collector’s best friend for a long time. They are the best philatelic supplies for examining your philatelic material.  For the standard stamp collector, magnification levels of 5x to 10x is recommended for basic stamp studying purposes like grading, inspecting watermarks, and distinguishing printing methods.

For inspecting security feature microprinting as used often on stamps,  you will want a stamp magnifying glass with 8x or more magnification and higher magnification and or measuring scale magnifiers maybe need and desired at times for error and counterfeit and forgery detection.

You don’t like to depend that much on technology, the standard stamp magnifying glass is the one for you. Are you a tech-savy philatelist? Well, the stamp microscope or the macro lens for smartphones is your next stamp collecting supply to buy.

Celestron USB Stamp Microscope Up To 200x
Nykkola 8x and 20x Stamp Magnifying Glass with LED light
Lemonbest 10x 15x 20x and 25x Stamp Magnifying Glass With LED Light
Daylight 3x Stamp Magnifying Glass Lamp with Light Clip Rechargeable
Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope, 8 LED USB 2.0 Digital Microscope
3x and 45x Stamp Magnifying Glass With LED Light
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for cellphone, Macro and Wide Angle Lens with LED Light
3x, 10x and 55x Stamp Magnifying Glass

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Stamp Perforation Gauges

Stamps started having perforations in 1854. This helped to separate stamps and avoid unnecessary creases. The standard for measuring a perforation is the number of perforations found in 2 centimeters (20 mm). Variances in  perforations can greatly affect the value of a stamp.

The most known stamp perforation gauge is the aluminum one. It will help you measure manually your stamp’s perforation. It measures from Perf. 7 to Perf. 16, including the intermediate half-perforation.

On the other side, the electronic stamp perforation gauge will give you exact measurements without forcing neither your eyes nor your stamps in no time. These are one of the most undervalued philatelic supplies, but escential as you become a better philatelist.

SAFE Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge - Perfotronic 2
Uni-Safe Crystal Clear Perforation Gauge and Ruler
Uni-Safe 'Superior' Metal Perforation Gauge For Stamp Collectors

Stamp Collecting Accessories: Stamp Stock Pages

One of the most common and yet fundamental stamp collecting accesories are stock pages, as simple as they are, can be a  Key part of a collection. They can be used t classify and easily move stamps of a collection of specialty items, or a safe and nice way to store excess stock for trading. 

25 Lighthouse VARIO 8S pages - Professional Pack
Lighthouse VARIO 6S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
25 Lighthouse VARIO 2S pages - Professional Pack
Lighthouse VARIO 7S Stamp Stock Pages -5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 3S Stamp Stock Pages- 5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 4S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 1S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 2ST Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages

Stamp Collecting Accessories: Watermark detectors, Full sheet protective sleeves, glassine envelopes and more

There are many stamp collecting accessories that will help you collect like a PRO!. Tweezers are the safest and more recommended way to handle stamps. Avoid damaging your stamps!

Cover Protectors offer archival storage of postcards, First Day Covers and postal history.

Watermark detectors are like the scientists tools in philately. Either using the watermark fluid or the electronic watermark detector and all those hidden secrets will come to light.

Stainless Steel Various Tipped 5pc Hobby Tweezers Set
One Hundred (100) #4 Glassine Envelopes -- 3 1/4 x 4 7/8
Stamp Drying Book Press-Great Gift for Stamp Collectors
UV Blacklight Fluorescent Tube For Watermark Detection
SAFE 9875 Signoscope Portable Pocket Watermark Detector for stamps
SAFE Stamp Watermark Tray Detector
G&K Watermark Detecting Fluid
Full Stamp Pane Clear Protective Storage Bags
Arrow stickers for pointing varieties or errors (golden)
First Day Cover Stamp Album - Tan Luxus with Huge Capacity
Postcard Album
Mint Sheet Album

Thanks for visiting the ultimate stamp collecting supplies list. Please make sure to visit our home page for wider reviews on stamp collecting supplies. Also, please visit our Costa Rica stamps blog.

About stamp collecting

The greatest hobby in the world, known as philately or stamp collecting is pleasing, relaxing and entertaining. But is more pleasing, relaxing and entertaining when you have the best philatelic accessories and stamp collecting supplies.

There are no mandatory stamp collecting supplies (philatelic supplies). But, most collectors use useful philatelic tools that are crucial for making stamp collecting funnier and more relaxing for you, and safer for your stamps.

Postage stamps collectors like to invest in stamp collecting supplies for better stamp display, better protecting and therefore for maintaining stamp value. The most basic postage stamp supplies (tweezers, stamp stockbooks, magnifiers, stamp mounts and hinges) are not only easy to use but are also low-cost. 

Stamp collecting supplies, philatelic supplies or stamp collecting accessories?

It really doesn’t matter! they’re all the same. It’s just a matter of preference. The most important thing is how they help you with your collection.

Next time you read or hear any of those’s all the same.

Which stamp collecting supplies do we recommend?

All of them! But it would essentially depend on your collecting interests. For example, do you just want to complete a country’s base collection? Are you specializing in errors? Are you into postal history? All of the previous philatelic interests share many collecting supplies, but also might use specific ones for each category.

These are the stamp collecting supplies we recommend:

Stamp stockbooks

It doesn’t matter what you collect, you’ll need to accommodate your stamps and postal history while you mount them on the final album. Also, there are collectors that like to store all their material in stamp stockbooks only.

The more you can store the better, that’s why we recommend to buy the 64-page stamp stockbooks as one of the most cost effective philatelic supplies.  Also we like the clear stripes ones, so it’s easier to analyze the material without manipulating it.

Stamp microscope

If you’re like us, you like errors and finding unseen varieties in stamps. In the past you’d need a stamp magnifying glass. Thanks to technology, all those errors and varieties can be found with digital stamp magnifiers (one of the coolest philatelic supplies) like this hand-held digital stamp microscope.

It is an easy to apply, low-electricity microscope with a 5.0 mp sensor for shooting pix and video of your discoveries, you don’t have this with a regular stamp magnifying glass.

You can create high-resolution images, even high-quality video, and time-lapse animations using the covered micro seize pro software program.

An adjustable led illuminator guarantees your stamps’ images are clean and vivid, even as the completely adjustable, expert stand allows for regular pictures even at excessive magnification. Just like a modern stamp magnifying glass on steroids!

It was made thinking in the  discriminating hobbyist or expert, the hand-held digital stamp microscope is perfect for jobs consisting of high-deail analysis. It comes with the following accessories: top notch adjustable peak stand, celestron micro capture pro software program cd with measuring characteristic, and calibration ruler.

Stamp collecting supplies

Digital stamp perforation gauge

As we said before, we like finding varieties in the stamps we have. Besides looking at the design, we like to look at the stamp itself and perforations are something a lot of collectors pass by without noticing any changes. 

Reading stamp perforations with manual perforation gauges can be difficult and tricky. Thanks to technology, there is no less difficult, more accurate, particular, or extra effective way of coming across hidden values like perforation variances.

Even when swapping or selling your better stamps, the perfotronic prepares you for any surprise or expensive errors. The perfotronic can pay for itself earlier than you are aware of it, whilst having fun in the technique. Upload a brand new size on your preferred hobby, with safe and the perfotronic.

The perfotronic routinely measures by using rounding up or all the way down to the subsequent 1/4 perforation shown in stamp catalogs. The processor of the unit is capable of calculating round lacking perforations or perforation mistakes. DON’T GO WRONG, YOU NEED IT!

Stamp collecting supplies

Electronic watermark detector

Watermarks are incredible and yet usually forgotten by many. The signoscope or electronic stamp watermark detector will help you finding watermarks without using the scary watermark fluid that might somewhat damage your stamps.

The safe signoscope (watermark detector for stamps) is especially useful for finding watermarks which can be very tough to look with lighter fluid, in particular all EU stamps and British stamps with their various crown and preliminary watermarks.

The secure signoscope electronic stamp watermark detector can simply show you what is there, no extra. You will also see the fiber of the paper together with any kind of maintenance or thins of the stamp. However, the watermark will be truly seen, in particular when the usage of the above obvious vinyl spacers, shiny side up.

Additionally, have in mind: you do not continually see the entire image of the watermark as shown in a catalog. On occasion, only a part of it is seen on a stamp.

It will be so clean to take a photograph of the watermark with the assist of the secure signoscope electronic stamp watermark detector and a camera. The sensitivity may be adjusted with the adjuster to obtain the best image possible.

Stamp collecting supplies

What other philatelic supplies to buy?

Maybe you already have stamp collecting books or stamp collecting supplies, but is it all you need? Are you sure that they will protect your stamps throughout time?  We can help you decide. For example Lighthouse and SAFE produce a series of great stamp collecting books guaranteed to keep safe your stamp collection! 

If you are one of the collectors that still use hinges or stamp mounts, please look through our stamp collecting supplies list and see the various options of stamp collecting storage and stamp collecting accessories that we have that will make you forget of hinges and mounts.  If you can’t make your mind on what to select, just read our reviews. 

With over 22 years of collecting experience and over 16 years of stamp selling experience, we understand how exciting and fulfilling stamp collecting is. We focus on what really matters when collecting: quality, trust and price.

Is stamp collecting dying?

Though the use of postage stamps is still declining, the number of stamp collectors is on the rise. Stamp collecting is a way to recreate and investigate the past. A little bit of history is carried in every stamp. It is no surprise that electronic communication has dramatically affected the way we use postal service.  

This means that collectors who make intelligent purchases have the opportunity to capitalize on their initial investment. It is very rare to find collector’s items at face value, but stamp collecting gives the opportunity for many smart purchases. To protect those purchases, you’d need the proper stamp collecting supplies.

The goal of sharing these suggestions for stamp collecting within the twenty-first century is to assist make this interest even more wonderful and on equal time take it to an excellent higher stage of specialization.

One of the advantages – and disadvantages at the identical time – that philately has as interest is that it has been in life for greater than a hundred and fifty years and for most of the time it did now not have drastic adjustments, until the advent of technology (net and electronic mail).

For a long time, mail became the most popular manner of communication (long-distance and commercial) for having had a standardized channel and advanced transportation methods through 2 centuries (XIX and XX).

Philately became for a long time a way of easy access to special areas of culture which includes politics, geography, history, art and sciences among others.

As expected, with the internet making its front – and being able to have fast, reliable and low-cost access to long-distance communication, the usage of mail suffered a first-rate strike effect and philately became not as popular as before.

Although the entrance of high-tech to the sector of pastimes affected philately, it became not all terrible news. And we are right here to look the brighter side and use technology to improve and strengthen philately as much as we can.

Other recommended philatelic supplies

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