Stamp Magnifying Lamp Desk Clamp-Mount 90 SMD LED Adjustable Spring-Arm

As we age, our eyes naturally lose some of their ability to focus close-in. A teenager can focus on objects as close as 3″ but by age 50 that distance can increase to 18″ – VERY frustrating when it limits your work or hobby.

Why does this LED Spring-Arm Magnifying Lamp is the one we recommend?

Because this stamp magnifying lampstamp magnifying glass has the following features:

  • Premium desk lighting tool for professional, home or hobby use – great reading or visual aid.
  • 56 SMD (surface mount diode) LED produce eye-pleasing task lighting on less than 9-watts.
  • Lasts up to 100,000 hours – Voltage: 110-120V 50/60Hz.
  • 38″ arm with unique internal cantilever system allows feather-touch adjustment & holds position – Head fully adjustable.
  • Sturdy clamp attaches quickly to desk or table – preserves more of your work área.


How Can This Magnifying Lamp help you with your stamps?

Stamp MagnifierThis lamp features a sleek & modern closed-arm design for precision movement without the annoying finger pinches. Heavy-duty die-cast aluminum clamp with no-mark pad, nickel-plated steel screw fits surfaces to 2-1/2″-thick; easy to move & remove and takes up just 2″ of desk space. 5″-diameter glass lens with 5-diopter (2.25X) magnification lets you see fine detail clearly but still has a practical focal range (distance of text or object from lens) of up to 9″. 56 SMD (surface mounted diode) with 650 Lumens for a brighter & more durable shine at just 9 watts with an estimated life of 100,000 hours. All without the flicker of fluorescent, this is truly a brighter light at a lower energy consumption rate. Has three variable brightness settings. Conveniently placed power switch on lamp head, flip-up dust cover protects lens & keeps it clean. Overall length 48″, weight 11 lbs; includes UL listed AC power adaptor with 60″ cord conveniently concealed beneath the mounting clamp.


“High Quality Materials, Guaranteed Product”


What Others Are Saying About This Stamp Magnifying Lamp …

As an an Electric Enegineer and this lamp has become a very nice addition to my Lab. In the past, I used headband magnifiers in the past but I really never liked them. This 90 LED model offers so much light that it makes it a breeze to see SMD parts, traces and read part numbers.



The task lamp I purchased from this listing is Great. It is sturdy and feels solidly built while also very versatile. It is mounted on one end of my 5′ desk and can be positioned anywhere along the desk’s length except for the opposite end while maintaining its rigidity.
The LEDs throw out a lot of neutral light. It is easily the brightest lamp in my place.” 




philately accesory magnifier

Final Verdict: Is This Stamp Magnifying Lamp Worth It?

Yes! This premium-grade lamp is a simple and effective solution for seeing almost anything bigger, better and brighter. 38″ triple-joint arm has unique internal cantilever system (not external springs like lesser lamps) that lets you adjust without loosening/tightening knobs – perfectly balanced to hold position (can be locked in position if necessary).

It’s Important You Use a proper Magnifying glass Now…

Because If you DON’T do anything today, you can be missing small and important details. And also you can be hurting your sight without knowing it.

LED Stamp Magnifying Lamp F.A.Q

Q: Does the magnifier is made of plastic or glass?Stamp Magnifying Lamp

A: It is made of glass.

Q: How do you keep the arm where you want it?

A: here are counterbalance springs in the joints and the round disks act like slip clutches. There is an tension adjuster on the joint next to the light. It just stays where you move it.

Q: How does it attach. for example, to a desk top?

A: Simple screw base that’s hidden from view, but you need about an inch or better overhang off the back of your work surface to secure it safely.

Q: Where can I buy this Magnifying glass?

A: You can buy it here.

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