Stamp Magnifying Microscope: Celestron 5 MP Amazing Digital Microscope My Review

stamp magnifying microscope

This stamp magnifying microscope is setting a new standard for stamp collectors. It´s an easy-to-use microscope, perfect for viewing stamps, coins, and other small objects at magnifications up to 200x! This stamp magnifying microscope is extremely versatile – you can use it in handheld mode to view large object surfaces and access tight spaces or just use the included adjustable stand for smaller objects. View the images from the Handheld Digital Microscope Pro directly on your PC using the provided software, and save the 5MP images or 30fps video to your hard drive!


Connect directly to computer via USB

This stamp magnifying microscope is Mac and Windows OS compatible making saving and sharing videos and still images easy.

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One hand use and easy focus

The Handheld Digital Microscope Pro can be manipulated with one hand and easily focused using the barrel focus wheel.

Shutter trigger on cord

5 mega pixel resolution! To ensure a stable image, the shutter is located on the USB cord. Simply press and record.

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Adjustable, weighted stand included

The included stand has multiple adjustments and a lock to ensure steady viewing and image taking.

Software Included

Celestron Micro Capture PRO software is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and allows for capturing still images, video and time lapse videos.

Measuring and note-taking feature

With the measuring feature of the Capture PRO software and the included calibration ruler, you can take measurements and make notes on the still images that you capture.

Multiple accessories included

The Handheld Digital Microscope Pro is ready to go out of the box and includes, microscope, stand, software CD, cleaning cloth and calibration ruler.


What people are saying about this stamp magnifying microscope:

I tried a couple different options before this one, all of course assembled in China. Most did not have decent instructions especially in English. This scope came with instruction in 7 or 8 languages and quite articulate. The magnification is a good as you could expect for the price I am a stamp collector and is allows for detailed inspections…

  • Terry Gleason

This thing is great. I have been using it for over a year now and still it works like the day we bought it.

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I also teach and have used it in a couple of different classrooms with the kids to help them research great things like the owl pellets last spring or the plant fibers this fall. I know things do not last forever but this one seems to be built fairly well, has a great base to it and a great lighting system…

  • Chris Hanser

This is the second one I have bought yet, I get so much use from the first one I wanted to have a second one. The 5 MP is the highest resolution I have seen of similar products, it generates images 2592×144 pixels at highest image quality which is superb. It can easily resolve dust particles of 5 micron diameter with good lighting. I have even had it running outdoors for a week with no problem…

  • BF


Final veredict: should you buy the Celestron stamp magnifying microscope?

Yes! Just take another look at what it will help you when analyzing your stamps:microscope camera

  • True 5MP sensor to capture and save high-resolution images and videos of your specimens
  • 5-Element IR cut high-quality glass lens with 20x to 200x magnification, great for low-power observation of 3D specimens (Note: Final magnification determined by monitor size)
  • Professional, adjustable height stand included for hands-free operation
  • 4 foot USB 2.0 cable for easy maneuverability when viewing large surfaces
  • Intuitive software with measuring features, Windows and Mac compatible

Celestron Stamp Magnifying Microscope F.A.Q.

Q: Can I use this magnifying microscope for stamp collection and can the magnified picture be down loaded on the PC?

A: Yes and Yes. I have use mine to examine coins. You might need a glass slide to keep the stamp flat. While hand-held, it might not work as well viewing mounted stamps – high magnification also amplifies small hand movements.

Q: How does this show a picture on the computer monitor? Do I need to buy something?

A: Everything you need is included in the box. You will run a cord with a USB attachment to your computer.

Q: Does it works with Mac OSX?

A: Yes.

Q: Can this take bmp pictures? or are they all jpegs?

A: Yes you can save the images in Jpg, BMP, PNG and TIF. The images can be captured in 1.3M to 5M format and in an image or a video. It is an excellent device. I have recommended it to several people and bought a number of them for my clients.

Q: Where can i buy it?

A: You can buy it here.



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