At Philasupplies, we’ll help you find the best: stockbooks, mounts, magnifying glasses (and stamp microscopes), perforation gauges, watermark detectors, glassine envelopes, tweezers and more. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a stamp collection or if you are a long-time stamp collector, you need the right stamp collecting supplies to store, analyze, handle and protect your stamp collection.

Philasupplies - Stamp Collecting Accessories Reviews

Lighthouse stamp stockbook
Lighthouse Stamp Stock Books

Stamp Stockbooks

Stamp stockbooks, also known as book of stamps, stockbook, book of postage stamps, stamp album, stamp collecting book, etc; are simple bound stamp albums consisting of heavy cardboard pages with strips to hold the stamps…

stamp usb microscope and software
USB digital stamp microscope and software

USB digital stamp microscope and software

USB digital stamp microscope and software. So, it is true that we’ve spoken about other stamp microscopes before, but the Dino-Lite outruns other models, not only because it’s picture quality, but also because of the software that comes with it.

digital stamp magnifier
Digital Stamp Magnifier with 8G TF Card 12MP 1-1200X

USB Stamp Magnifier

This digital stamp magnifier is equipped with a 7-inch large high definition LCD screen that provides a bigger field of view for easy studying your stamps. Its 12-megapixel lens provides up to 1200x continuous amplification.

watermark detector for stamps
SAFE Portable Stamp Watermark Detector

Electronic Watermark Detector

For a long time you have been dreaming of being able to check  all of your stamps for watermarks in a simple way, right? Quickly, precisely and without endangering your stamps. Guess what? This is no longer a dream. The SAFE-SIGNOSCOPE watermark detector for stamps is a relality… 

Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge – Perfotronic 2 from SAFE

Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge

Measuring the size of the perforation is faster tan you ever imagined! The use of advanced opto-electronic components give absolutely reliable results for all stamps. Calibration configured to give the perforation measurement in quarters…

stamp magnifying glass
Stamp Magnifying Lamp Desk Clamp-Mount 90 SMD LED Adjustable Spring-Arm

Stamp Magnifying Lamp Desk

As we age, our eyes naturally lose some of their ability to focus close-in. A teenager can focus on objects as close as 3″ but by age 50 that distance can increase to 18″ – VERY frustrating when it limits your work or hobby…

Stamp drying
Stamp Drying Press

Stamp Drying Press

Do you remember when you had to dry stamps? Stamp drying used to include a lot of imagination, patience and a little luck. Using heavy objects -usually a book…or a complete encyclopedia- to ensure that the stamp will remain flat…

ighthouse approval cards
Lighthouse Stamp Approval Cards 3-Strip Cardboard

Stamp Approval Cards

First of all, it’s important to say that these cards are not only for stamp dealers. You can use them to take valuable stamps from your place to a meeting or to examine them without having to manipulate other stamps…

Stamp mounts and hinges
Stamp mounts and hinges

Stamp Mounts and Hinges

Using protective mounts has modified the nature of stamp collecting because it allows the true preservation of stamps in an archival environment free of agents like…

paper thickness gauge for stamps

Digital micrometer – paper thickness gauge for stamps

Get ready to discover your stamps’ paper thickness with this paper thickness gauge for stamps.

Did you know many stamps were printed various times and one of the ways to differentiate those printings is the paper’s thickness?

Philasupplies. Stamp collecting is a fun and affordable way to understand world history and geography. You will learn something with each stamp you collect. In order to protect, manage and store your collection properly, you need to buy the right stamp collecting accessories for you. We aim to help stamp collectors to take their hobby to the top level with the proper stamp collecting supplies.

We carry different stamp collecting accessories brands such SAFE (for the Perfotronic or the portable watermark detector. Lighthouse, Lindner and Supersafe stock books or stamp books, stamp stock pages and stamp approval cards. Celestron stamp microscopes, Showguard mounts and more.

What Stamp Collecting Accessories to buy?

We believe that handling your stamp collection is not limited to stamps only. We have amazing stamp collecting accessories as full pane crystal clear protective storage bags, postal cards albums, first day cover albums, ultra violet lights, stamp drying presses and special lenses to use your smartphone as a microscope.

We exist to help you decide what stamp collecting accessories to buy with our product reviews and to make philately easier for everybody.

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