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Lighthouse stamp stockbook

Stockbooks, also known as book of stamps, stock book, book of postage stamps, stamp album, stamp collecting book, etc; are simple bound stamp albums consisting of heavy cardboard pages with strips to hold the stamps. The strips can be made of manila paper, glassine paper or clear film.

They are available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of them have rigid, book-like bindings, while others have flexible double-hinged pages.

Stockbooks can be used for storing stamps that don’t have given space in printed albums, as well as keeping duplicates and extra stamps for trading. They are recommended for starting topical collections or “safe-keeping” your most valuable stamps. For many people, stamp stockbooks are the best stamp albums.

Why do Lighthouse Stamp Stockbooks are the most recommended…

stamp collectingBecause these stockbooks are made using the best components and have the following features:

  • Includes 64 black pages (32 double-sided).
  • Each page is made of acid-free cardboard with 9 clear strips to hold your stamps.
  • Double clear view interleaving is provided between each page.

How Can Lighthouse Stamp Stockbooks protect your stamps?

Made of high quality materials: superior acid-free cardboard, leather, and clear vinyl. Lighthouse stamp stockbooks are meant to protect your stamps as much as you expect them and to make them look even more beautiful, believe me, they will.

“High-Quality Materials, Acid-free Cardboard, Guaranteed Product”

Book of Stamps

What Others Are Saying About These Lighthouse Stamp Stockbooks…

  This is a higher-end model of the Lighthouse stamp stockbooks and it feels that way. It will take a while to fill one of these if you are starting from scratch. The quality and functionality are excellent – I can find no fault. The slipcase is very nice, the covers are soft and nice to touch, the stockbook opens flat to any page (might not seem so at first, but it does), the strips have a place on the edge for inserting a tong to make it easier to place in a stamp, the clear pages are great for protection and for allowing examination of the stamp details.”

Laurentiu Cristofor


I congratulate myself over and over again for this. I am 100% satisfied with the book. Now I look forward to getting the stamps. This passion of mine ( collecting stamps) goes back in time when I was 10. Now, 28 years later, I am trying to bring back to life this passion. I feel overjoyed.” 


“Lighthouse continues to provide some of the best album and stockbooks available on the market. This is a quality leather bound stamp stockbook and slipcase with both clear acetate pockets and interleaving. Well done and I highly recommend this item for your prized collections…”


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Final Verdict: Are Lighthouse Stamp StockBooks Worth It?

Yes! If you want your stamps to be protected and last. Lighthouse stamp stockbooks are top quality products that will deliver what’s expected from them.


It’s Important You Store Your Stamps Properly Now…

Because If you DON’T do anything today, your stamps might get DAMAGED and lose their value…

stock book

Lighthouse Stamp Stockbook F.A.Q

Q: Will these stockboks stain my stamps?

A: No, Lighthouse Stamp Stockbooks are manufactured with the best materials for example acid-free cardboard to prevent stains on stamps.

Q: Where can I buy Lighthouse acid-free cardboard Stamp stockbooks?

A: Don’t waste your time, buy Lighthouse Stamp stockbooks at this link.

Q: Do these come in different colors?

A: Yes, they come in:

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Also, make sure to check this manual stamp drying press.

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