USB digital stamp microscope and software: Dino-Lite AM4113T

This amazing USB digital stamp microscope comes with an estate of the art software that will take your hobby to the next level.

USB digital stamp microscope and software. So, it is true that we’ve spoken about other stamp microscopes before, but the Dino-Lite outruns other models, not only because it’s picture quality, but also because of the software that comes with it.

This USB digital stamp microscope and software can observe accurately color reproductions and spot small details under either low or optimum lighting because you can turn on or off the 8 LED lights. It will deliver the best resolution for studying your stamps or coins.

This stamp microscope comes with USB 2.0 connection. This means that you can transfer all the pictures you take very fast.

One of the top features is the software (don’t try to download it without the microscope, it won’t work). It will let you really study your stamps or coins. For example, a specific command lets you measure to the last millimeter. It will measure straight lines, angles, circles, arches grids, and more.

usb stamp microscope with software

This amazing USB stamp microscope and software comes with a feature called MicroTouch. It is a sensitive area that can be pressed to take pictures instead of using a keyboard and mouse.

Definitively once you try the Dino-Lite, you won’t want to use any other stamp microscope.


It is recommended to use the microscope with a rigid stand to take clearer pictures.

usb stamp microscope with software

What customers are saying

This product has been invaluable to the Quality Inspection work that I do. What this does for the price that it is offered is amazing. The software has many reliable functions for accurate digital measurements and is relatively easy to use. Don’t let the 1.3 megapixels throw you. This can capture in 2560×2048. This is a microscope, and not for wide-angle landscape shots. In comparison, the Curiosity Rover MastCam only has a 2-megapixel camera array at 1600×1200.

My work is outside of laboratory conditions in a manufacturing environment dealing with anodized aluminum finishes, powder-coated paint, “Soft Touch” finishes, surface mount components on printed circuit boards, and integrated LCD touch sensors. This has been used to document many of the issues that can be found in these kinds of products. The Premier is a step up from the Pro that I had been loaned by our Engineering department which they recently needed reclaim. I have recommended this to some of our vendors who have seemed equally as happy with this product as I have been.

Lars B.

Very simple to use, and out preformed all expectations. I am using it for stamp collecting and am completely satisfied. I would recommend this product 100%.


For a lower-priced option, you can check the Celestron stamp microscope, but have in mind that it doesn’t have the software nor other features.

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