Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge – The Excellent Perfotronic 2 from SAFE (My review)

The world’s best electronic stamp perforation gauge is also known as a digital stamp perforation gauge.

Measuring the size of the perforation can be performed faster than you ever imagined! Applying new technologies to the service of philately as using advanced optoelectronic components results in obtaining absolutely trustworthy results for all stamps. To the point of measuring perforations to the smallest detail, giving perforation measurement in quarters. To give you a clearer idea, with this electronic stamp perforation gauge, you can measure perforation with a precision of a hundredth of a unit of the stamp’s tooth (eg: 12.51)!

Why does the Perfotronic 2 is the Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge we recommend?

Your stamps’ hidden value will be brought to light. This digital stamp perforation gauge will let you find undiscovered perforation variances that might affect your stamp’s value.
For example, let’s say that we have 2 apparently identical stamps (the only difference is their perforations). One perforation is worth $12 and the other perforation with a variance of 0.5 in its perforation is worth $5,000! With SAFE’s awesome electronic stamp perforation gauge a.k.a PERFOtronic 2 you will be able to discover them!.

SAFE’s Perfotronic 2 will give you perforation readings in 1/4, 1/10 or 1/100 increments in less than 2 seconds!

This digital stamp perforation gauge will become an indispensable tool in your stamp collection. It will help you determine variances between stamps that might look the same but are not. This electronic perforation gauge can measure even missing perfs. With the Perfotronic 2, you will never have problems with miscounting or lose perf count!

How Can The Perfotronic 2 Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge help you with your stamps?

It’s normal to have doubts when measuring stamps’ perforations.Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge
Let’s be honest, we all usually torture ourselves with hard to use and therefore inappropriate measuring devices. We are forcing our sight when out of a sudden, the measuring points come to life and start “dancing” before our eyes. You can be a rookie or the most experienced stamp collector, you will fail to defeat the last doubt about the correct value of a particular perf. 

In today’s computer age, there are higher and higher pressure on collector and technology to avoid errors. Let’s take for example sports, nowadays they measure everything by centimeters and seconds. The same happens with stamps, but being able to measure in hundredths of a unit with this electronic stamp perforation gauge you’ll be able to minimize error’s in perforation readings. Stamp collecting has come to a point that it requires the same requirements in precision when it comes to such delicate matters as defining the correct perforation measure.

Well, you can rest at ease because SAFE’s PERFOtronic 2 will fulfill all those delicate matters!

SAFE started developing its first worldwide testing instrument for watermarks known as the Signoscope in early 1981 getting to nowaday’s best electronic stamp watermark detector.
Now SAFE brings you another world’s first: The PERFOtronic 2, the precision measuring device for checking perforations.

 What people are saying about the Perfotronic 2:

I have one myself, and I must confess I’m lazy with the perfs, so I actually enjoy using it.

  • Joe Kiel

“Having always disliked the drudgery of measuring perforations, my Perfotronic is always within easy reach in my stamp study. I’d rather be sipping a nice glass of red instead of trying to manipulate an Instanta

  • Allan Kraft

Final verdict: should you buy the digital stamp perforation gauge a.k.a. Perfotronic 2?

Yes! The PERFOtronic automatically measures by rounding up or down to the next 1/4 perforation shown in stamp catalogs. The processor of the unit is able to calculate around missing perforations or perforation mistakes.

    • Measures the perf. the value within a fraction of a second with the help of light sensors
    • Nothing touches your stamp, therefore no damage possible
    • Accurate to 1/100 mm
    • Displays in 1/4 increments, i.e. 14.25,14.5, 14.75, 15, etc.
    • Operates on an AC adapter with 12 Volt DC output (supplied)
    • Use on regular or large stamps, coils, and stamps with margins
    • Maintenance-free
    • Size: 7-1/2″x 5-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ High




Perfotronic 2 F.A.Q.:

Q: How long does the Perfotronic last to measure perforations?

A: Measuring the size of the perforation takes a few seconds, the use of advanced optoelectronic elements gives absolutely reliable results for all stamps.


Q: Will the stamps get damaged?

A: The measurement is made without any contact with the light sensors, and consequently without any risk for stamps.


Q: What kind of stamps can the digital stamp perforation gauge a.k.a. Perfotronic2 measure?

A: It is suitable for all kinds of stamps: large stamps, stamps with fields, rolling stamps, etc.


Q: Where can I buy this digital stamp perforation gauge?

A: You can buy it here.


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