Stamp collecting supplies list for collectors

Welcome to the ultimate stamp collecting supplies list. Here you’ll be able to find everything to store, study and protect your stamps. Just click on the image of the item you are interested in and you’ll be redirected to a page with details. What are you waiting for?! Have fun!

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Stamp Stock Books

Find here stock books at very low prices! Stock books are one of the most used  stamp collecting supplies  for storage and display of their stamp collections or accumulations. With archival protection for your stamps, stock books are one of the most efficient, reliable, cost effective methods for proper storage of stamps. You can choose from our large selections of stock books. You can choose from either black and clear polyvinyl strips or white pages with clear glassine strips.

Lighthouse Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 64 Page, Various Colors
Lighthouse Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 32 Page, Black
Lighthouse Hardcover Stamp Stockbook with 16 Pages, Blue
Lighthouse Hardcover Stockbook 64 Page With Slipcase, Blue
Supersafe Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 32 Page, Green
Red Wessex Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 32 Page, Red
Lindner Harcover Stamp Stckbook 60 Page, Various Colors
Supersafe Hardcover Stamp Stockbook 16 Page, Green
Prophila Lighthouse Stamp Album Stockbook 60 Black Sides
LINDNER Stamp Stockbook - 60 White Pages- Glassine Strips
Lighthouse Travel Stockbook, A4-size

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Magnifying Glasses

One of the most used and reliable  stamp collecting supplies is the magnifier. They are must have tools for examining condition, studying varieties and authenticity of any stamp or philatelic items.  For the standard stamp collector, magnification levels of 5x to 10x is recommended for basic stamp studying purposes like grading, inspecting watermarks, and distinguishing printing methods. For inspecting security feature microprinting as used often on stamps,  you will want 8x or more magnification and higher magnification and or measuring scale magnifiers maybe need and desired at times for error and counterfeit and forgery detection. On this list you can find everything for the simple collector to the professional philatelist who needs to examine the finest details of a stamp or philatelic material…. 

Nykkola 8x and 20x Magnifying Glass with LED light
Lemonbest 10x 15x 20x and 25x Magnifying Glass With LED Light
Daylight 3x Magnifying Glass Lamp with Light Clip Rechargeable
iMagnify 5x and 10x Magnifying Glass With LED Light
3x Magnigying Glass
3x and 45x Magnifying Glass With LED Light
2.5x 5x and 16x Magnifiying Glass With LED Light
30x Magnifying Glass with LED Light
where to buy stamp microscope
Celestron USB Stamp Microscope Up To 200x
3x, 10x and 55x Magnifying Glass
Nurugo Micro Smartphone Microscope 400X Magnification
Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for cellphone, Macro and Wide Angle Lens with LED Light
Jiusion 40 to 1000x Magnification Endoscope, 8 LED USB 2.0 Digital Microscope

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Stamp Perforation Gauges

Perforations in a stamp was introduced in 1854, so postage stamps would be easily separated and removed for use, easier than individually cutting them by hand. The standard for measuring a perforation is the number of perforations found in 2 centimeters (20 mm). Variances in  perforations can greatly affect the value of a stamp. The aluminum perforation gauge will help you understanding your stamp’s perforation. It measures from Perf. 7 to Perf. 16, including the intermediate half-perforation. The electronic perforation gauge will give you exact measurements without forcing neither your eyes nor your stamps.

Uni-Safe Crystal Clear Perforation Gauge and Ruler
Lighthouse Stamp Perforation Gauge Model ZS
Uni-Safe 'Superior' Metal Perforation Gauge For Stamp Collectors
Lindner 2099 Phila-Combi-Box, Perforation Gauge
Prophila perforation keymap for stamp determination
SAFE Electronic Stamp Perforation Gauge - Perfotronic 2

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Stamp Stock Pages

Stock pages can be a  Key part of a collection. They can be the pillar of a collection of specialty items, or a safe and nice way to inventory seconds and excess stock for trading. 

25 Lighthouse VARIO 8S pages - Professional Pack
Lighthouse VARIO 6S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
25 Lighthouse VARIO 2S pages - Professional Pack
Lighthouse VARIO 7S Stamp Stock Pages -5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 5S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 3S Stamp Stock Pages- 5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 4S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 1S Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages
Lighthouse VARIO 2ST Stamp Stock Pages-5 Pages

Stamp Collecting Supplies: Other Stamp Supplies

Tweezers are the safest and more recommended way to handle stamps. Avoid damaging your stamps!

Cover Protectors offer archival storage of postcards, First Day Covers and postal history.

Stamp Stock and Approval Cards are used by most professional philatelists as well as the collectors getting organized or selling and trading duplicates at their neighborhood stamp club.

Stainless Steel Various Tipped 5pc Hobby Tweezers Set
One Hundred (100) #4 Glassine Envelopes -- 3 1/4 x 4 7/8
First Day Cover Stamp Album - Tan Luxus with Huge Capacity
Stamp drying
Stamp Drying Book Press-Great Gift for Stamp Collectors
UV Blacklight Fluorescent Tube For Watermark Detection
watermark detector for stamps
SAFE 9875 Signoscope Portable Pocket Watermark Detector for stamps
SAFE Stamp Watermark Tray Detector
G&K Watermark Detecting Fluid
Full Stamp Pane Clear Protective Storage Bags
Postcard Album
Lighthouse OPTIMA-F Binder and Slipcase
Mint Sheet Album
Stamp Album Banknote Postcard Stockbook Hardcover PU Leather
LE Small UV Flashlight, Portable Black Light with 9 LEDs
Arrow stickers for pointing varieties or errors (golden)
Arrow stickers for pointing varieties or errors (grey)

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The awesome hobby of philately or better known as stamp collecting is more pleasing and entertaining when you have the best philatelic accesories and stamp collecting supplies.

There are no particular stamp collecting supplies. But, a great quantity of collectors use some useful philatelic tools that are crucial for making stamp collecting hassle-free as it also reduces the chance of damage to your philatelic collections.

Most postage stamps collectors like to invest in stamp collecting supplies for better stamp display and for maintaining stamp value. The most basic postage stamp supplies are not only easy to use but are also low-cost. You can start an thrilling stamp collection without spending your lunch money!

We all know it: stamp collectors, it doesn’t matter if they are beginners and professionals, have different types of stamp collections.  No matter what stamps you collect, you will end up with incredible and unmanageable accumulations unless you come up with ways to organize and manage your stamp collection with the proper stamp collecting supplies.  When you start collecting stamps, you need to buy the right stamp collecting supplies since the beginning to showcase, storage and protect most of your acquisitions.

Maybe you already have stamp collecting books or stamp collector supplies, but is it all you need? Are you sure that they will protect your stamps throughout time?  We can help you decide. For example Lighthouse and SAFE produce a series of great stamp collecting books guaranteed to keep safe your stamp collection!  If you are one of the collectors that still use hinges or stamp mounts, please look through our stamp collecting supplies list and see the various options of stamp collecting storage and stamp accessories that we have that will make you forget of hinges and mounts.  If you can’t make your mind on what to select, just read our reviews. 

With over 22 years of collecting experience and over 16 years of stamp selling experience, we understand how exciting and fulfilling stamp collecting is. We focus on what really matters when collecting: quality, trust and price.

Though the use of postage stamps is still declining, the number of stamp collectors is on the rise. Stamp collecting is a way to recreate and investigate the past. A little bit of history is carried in every stamp. It is no surprise that electronic communication has dramatically affected the way we use postal service.  This means that collectors who make intelligent purchases have the opportunity to capitalize on their initial investment. It is very rare to find collector’s items at face value, but stamp collecting gives the opportunity for many smart purchases. To protect those purchases, you’d need the proper stamp collecting supplies.

Take a look at our categories to find all the stamp collecting supplies you need for storing, protecting, and displaying your stamp collection:

  • Stamp Collecting Systems
  • Stamp Albums
  • Stamp Pages
  • Stamp Binders
  • Stamp Approval Cards
  • Glassine Envelopes
  • Stamp Mounts
  • Stamp Tongs
  • Magnifiers for Stamp Collectors
  • Other Stamp Collecting Accessories
  • Scott stamp album
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