SAFE Portable Watermark Detector For Stamps

For a long time you have been dreaming of being able to check all of your stamps for watermarks in a simple way, right? Quickly, watermark detector for stampsprecisely, and without endangering your stamps. Guess what? This is no longer a dream. The SAFE-Signoscope Watermark Detector for stamps is reality! The units are worth far more than what they cost. One single newly discovered watermark or a newly identified watermark variation can make up, several times over, for the money spent to buy a SAFE Signoscope. Watermark or no watermark, falling or rising. Well, let’s get out the watermark fluid… No, not any more! The “steamboat age” is past. From now on you will able to check for watermarks simply and precisely and without taking any chances of damaging your expensive stamps.


Why does this watermark detector for stamps is the one we recommend?

SAFE 9875 Signoscope T2 is the pocket version of the T1 watermark detector for stamps. Undoubtedly the best machine of its type. The Signoscope T2 will detect any watermark very efficiently. It has an internal light source combined with a mechanical clamp. Ideal for tough watermarks like multiple crown, CROWN CA SPIRAL etc. Also faults or hinge marks show up with a Signoscope.


How Can This Watermark Detector for stamps help you with your stamps?

The SAFE Signoscope is especially useful for finding watermarks which are very hard to see with lighter fluid, especially all European Stamps and British Stamps with their various crown and initial watermarks. It works very efficiently with engraved stamps, such as the 1950 posthorn stamps of Germany. As to the U.S. Single and Double Line Watermarks, keep in mind that if there is only a little “dash” of the “U, S or P” left at the corner of the stamp or in the perforation of the stamp, this is ALL you are going to see.

The Signoscope can ONLY show you what is THERE, not more. Thus, this little “dash” will not be easy to distinguish, because you will also see the fiber of the paper together with any kind of repairs or thins of the stamp. However, if more of the “U, S or P” is on the stamp, the watermark will be clearly visible, especially when using the above transparent vinyl spacers, shiny side UP.

For checking any other foreign stamps we recommend first looking up the picture of the watermark in a catalog before putting the stamp in the SAFE Signoscope. This way you know exactly what you are looking for. Just remember, you will be seeing a negative Image of the watermark in question.

Also keep in mind: You do NOT always see the complete picture of the watermark as shown in a catalog. Sometimes only part of that picture is visible on a stamp. It is very easy to take a picture of the watermark with the help of the SAFE Signoscope and an instant camera with black/white film. The light sensitivity can be adjusted with the Contrast Adjuster of the SAFE Signoscope.


What people are saying about this Watermark Detector for stamps

It is a useful tool to look at the watermarks and all the small details on stamps clearly. It’s a simple tool to use with no complex parts when may need any kind of replacement….”

  • John UDT


It works great for not only watermarks yet also allowing you to take great photos of the watermarks for study and sharing in forums….”

  • Aussie_robbo60



Final verdict: should you buy this Watermark Detector for stamps?

Yes! It is a compact portable unit.  It’s simple and works quickly.  Just place your stamp into the Signocope.  If there is a watermark, it will show, even on yellow or orange stamps. If you see a watermark, you can even photograph.  The watermark stays visible as long as you like.

These are other advantages:

  • You don’t need to have any special skills or training to see the watermarks.
  • Detects any watermark efficiently
  • Internal light source
  • Mechanical clamp
  • Shows up faults or hinge marks
  • Uses a position lever (handle) for fast removing and inserting stamp tray and to adjust pressure
  • Supplied with SAFE Dustcover and complete with US Instructions
  • Especially recommended for difficult stamps-On-off light switch – Contrast adjuster · 7.5v light


…and the most important question:

Q: Where can i buy it?

A: You can buy it here.



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