Plugable Digital Microscope USB 2.0 Create Amazing Pics

The Plugable digital microscope will let you find all those things you couldn’t see before.

Notable for stamp and coin collectors, both beginners and experts, the Plugable digital microscope with 250x magnification and USB 2.0 connection, permits you to work quickly and correctly on the microscopic stage. Commonplace makes use of encompassing stamp or coin evaluation, micro-soldering, garden parasite identification, and lots more.

The Plugable digital microscope can be used either with the blanketed stand for decrease magnifications, handheld for short factor-and-click on inspection, or placed directly on items for the highest magnifications. The rugged plastic body makes it ideal for collectors, lecture rooms, or business place.

Plugable digital microscope

Plugable Digital Microscope Specs

  • USB 2.0 Interface, 4ft cable
  • 0x-250x Magnification Range
  • 4 Dimmable LEDs (diffused) for Lighting
  • 1600×1200 Snapshots, 640×480 Video
  • CMOS Sensor
  • EtronTech eSP570A Controller

Built-In LED Lighting

The Plugable digital microscope consists of integrated LEDs that may be dialed through more than a few brightness degrees to correctly light up your difficulty. In contrast to many other USB microscopes, these LEDs shine through a diffuser to fight glare.

That is especially useful whilst viewing reflective gadgets like coins. As opposed to harsh glare, the diffuser offers even light distribution across the object being viewed.


Capacitive Capture Button

The Plugable digital microscope has a capacitive contact button to generate photograph capture in preference to a physical push button. When watching small objects at microscopic tiers, a small bump can offset a photo to an imperceptible state. With a capacitive button, the lightest contact snaps a blur-unfastened image.

Photograph capture also can be initiated from within the downloadable companion software, alongside a video or configurable time-lapse capture.

Versatile Stand

Without difficulty examine the floor of items big and small at any perspective by using positioning the bendy gooseneck precisely wherein you want it. With a suction cup mount and a graduated commentary level, you could connect the Plugable digital microscope to any clean surface and use the diverse graduation marks to measure specimens.

If the stand does not pretty meet your desires, no problem! All fittings have 1/4″-20 TPI threads, which nearly all camera mounts use. Create your very own stand for your precise reason.



USB video calss (UVC) support is constructed into all versions of Windows from XP and above. This consists of windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, vista, and XP. The associate software program is available on their internet site that permits finer manipulate of the device, or every other video capture software may be used.

macOS and OSX

Mac computers with os versions 10.4.2 and above have built-in support for USB video class (UVC) gadgets. The companion software program is to be had on our website that allows finer manipulate of the device, or you can use any video seize software program, including picture booth (with boundaries).


Linux distributions with kernels 2.6.26 and above have built-in help for USB video class (UVC) devices. Works on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Jessie. We advocate the use of cheese or GTK+ UVC viewers.

Chrome and Android

Works on all chrome os gadgets with integrated digital camera software. Many newer Android devices assist the microscope with the use of an OTG cable and viewing software. Selected Android devices many no longer do it, and it’s as much as the tool producer to guide outside cameras.


iOS gadgets (iPhones, iPads) aren’t compatible suited with external cameras.


Customer Reviews

“I read many reviews before deciding on this item. I needed something to look closely at stamps & coins. I use a Mac computer. The Plugable digital microscope arrived and from unpacking, downloading software and getting it working took less than 5 minutes. Does it do the job ?? Yes most certainly. Taking pictures is almost instant.

I noted some people in their reviews of similar products moan about the lack of depth of field. If you have any idea of how fixed lens items work you will understand the restriction re depth of field. This unit is no different but I knew that when buying. It has already proved to be well worth its cost.” – Jeff

“For me, the ability to take pictures of coin or postage stamp size objects as a whole is more important than an extreme magnification factor. The Amazon website mentioning a smaller minimum magnification of 10x for this device was thus one of the reasons I chose it, but the specifications on the box are somewhat different “Magnification Range: 60x – 250x”. Oops…
The camera does not actually have a zoom function.

Zooming is done by changing the distance to the object and then focussing. Using the standard gooseneck the reach allows for a maximum object size of about 2,5cm x 2 cm, which is not sufficient for me. Luckily, the camera has sufficient focus range to place it higher up, and using a somewhat modified setup (see picture) it works for me. The other pictures show the largest possible object size with standard setup (the coin photographed has 26mm diameter) zooming into the maximum magnification on this coin.” -Rick


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